Frequently Asked Questions

1.How does Mattiasproperty.com works ?

Mattiasproperty.com is a web portal that offers an online platform  to buy, sale and rent property across India. Builders, land owners and land lords list their property on Mattiasproperty.com for buy sale and rent. Choose a suitable property from that numerous listing on the site.

2. Can I sell the property to Mattiasproperty.com?

No, You can not sell a property to MattaisProperty. You can list your property on Mattiasproperty.com for sale .

3. Does MattaisProperty.com endorse legitimacy of the properties listed on the website?

MattaisProperty.com belives that all the Information on the website correct. However no warranty is made on the accuracy or reliability of the information contained herein. 

4. Does MattaisProperty.com charge that users to such for property?

No. its absolutely free.

5. Can I buy properties on Mattiasproperty.com?

No you can search for the properties to buy on mattaisproperty.com is a search property and not a shopping portal.

6. How to use Mattiasproperty.com?

1. Go to Mattaisproperty.com
2. Choose a derived option according to your requirement Buy,Sale Rent.
3. Choose your option and click on search.
4. Your search result will display.

7. How to use Mattiasproperty.com?

You can search for properties on this site without creating an account or registring with Mattiasproperty.com. However to list a property for sale/rent you need to create an account by creating the MattaisProperty Account. 

1. Buyer can search property easily and effectively.
2. Buyer can post their property requirements,manage and update when they wish.
3. Buyers can receive property alerts to their registered email id and mobile number.
4. Buyer can save a search and access any time using the saved search option.

8. I am a Seller, How do I create my account?

1. Go to Mattiasproperty.com.
2. Click list your property.
3. Login or Create account.
4. Fill your all details.
5. After you create the account, we will send a confirmation email to your registered email id.
6. Seller can list their property for sale and rent.
7. Seller can list all the type of properties for sale,rent and buy the one they sole by own the owner they are an agent to and their building properties.

9. Where is register  option?

1.Go to www.mattiasproperty.com.
2. Click list your property.
3.Login and create account.
4. Seller/Owner/buyer can create different account to meet their different needs. 

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